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What is SafetyNet™

Small-commitment, big-peace-of-mind
insurance policy.

It pays you in the case of a covered unemployment or disability. You decide on the level of cash you want, and you can use it for anything you wish - rent, groceries, utilities, whatever you need.

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What does SafetyNet pay?

It pays what's called a "lump sum benefit"

A single cash amount paid directly to you. That amount can range from $[1,500] - $[9,000], depending on what you choose when you buy your policy.

Within a policy year, SafetyNet™ will pay out one lump sum benefit for disability and one lump sum benefit for layoff.

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What do I have to pay?

You pay a premium (payment) each month for this coverage

SafetyNet supplemental unemployment and disability insurance ranges from $[5] to $[30]. Your first payment is not due for 30 days.

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What is covered?

  • Job Loss

    [due to layoff, business closing, job elimination, or other employer-initiated separation not specifically excluded. If you’re a union member who can get jobs through a union hiring hall, you will need to send us proof that you were getting state-approved unemployment benefits on the 31st day after your job loss before you can get a benefit payment.]

  • Disability

    [due to illness or injury that prevents you from working at your job for more than 30 days, unless specifically excluded

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What is not covered?

  • job loss you Knew about 

    [before you bought the coverage or if you quit, retire or are fired]

  • Disability That Starts In The First [6] Months Of Coverage

    if caused by a condition you were treated for within the [6] months before your coverage started

  • [Job Loss Or Disability That Occurs In The First 30 Days Of Coverage]

    [however, during the first 180 days, a full benefit is paid for Disability caused by an accident and a limited benefit equal to premiums paid is paid for covered Job Loss or Disability]

  • Job Loss Due To Normal And Routine Downtimes And Workforce Reductions

    for seasonal and other jobs (like construction)

  • Job Loss Because The Job You Were Hired To Do Is Done

    or the time period you were hired for ends

  • Disability Due To Normal Pregnancy,

    alcohol or drug use, or elective surgery

  • Continued or Transferred Employment Following a Merger, Sale Of Business Or Outsourcing

    even if your job title, employer of record or other employment terms change.

  • Job Loss Or Disability Due To Acts Of War Or Criminal Misconduct

    or nuclear or natural disasters

  • A Job Loss Because You Quit, Retire Or Are Fired

    for cause, including for poor job performance or improper workplace behavior

*This is a summary of what is not covered. The language of the policy controls what is covered and not covered. *
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Does the policy end if I make a claim?


your claim won't end if you continue to make payments.

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When does the policy end?

  • Your SafetyNet™ is issued for a one-year term.

    The policy will automatically renew for another one-year term as long as the required premium is paid and we approve.

  • You may choose

     to end your policy at any time.

  • The policy will Also end if

     the required payment (premium) is not paid, or when the lifetime benefit of $24,000 has been paid to you.