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"SafetyNet was like a savior to me because I really needed the money to get by.
There are lots of hardworking Americans that can use insurance like this."
—Raymond W., Waunakee WI

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"They really came through for me..."
"I knew if something happened with my health or job I would be in trouble. I saw the advertisement on social media for Safetynet, but thought that it was too good to be true. However, for such a small amount I thought I would give it a try and I'm so glad I did! After working for the same company for 29 years I was laid off because of no work and within just a few days the Safetynet team informed me that my claim was approved and my check was in the mail. They really came through for me and can't thank them enough.”

— James S., Delavan, WI
"SafetyNet gives me the added security that I would have the financial resources to support me"
"As a single person dependent solely on my own income, the prospect of being out of work with no income coming in for a significant amount of time is unsettling.  SafetyNet gives me the added security that should I be out of work for an injury/illness or job loss, I would have financial resources to support me.  SafetyNet contributes towards lessening my stress and anxiety should unforeseen events occur impacting my ability to work."

— Ruth P., Cross Plains, IA
"I was involved in a motorcycle accident and was off work for approximately 40 days."
"Taking out insurance for the possibility of being injured or laid off seemed kind of risky. However I had a friend that went through a layoff and he stated how good it was to have the insurance. I was involved in a motorcycle accident and was off work for approximately 40 days. Working with the claims person was very easy and she was reassuring for any help that I needed. When it came time for insurance to approve my claim it was very easy and stress-free. I would recommend having a policy like this to anyone who is active, enjoying life and ready for financial safety if a tragedy happens. It has been an overall good experience for me."

— Frank W., Fort Atkinson, WI
"I am a single mother of six children and always want to make sure they are taken care off..."
"I've been out of work due to an car accident, loss of employment, and from birth of my children. I have struggled wondering how I will pay my bills, praying that I don't lose everything because of my financial hardship. When I saw the ad asking me if this was a team that I wanted to join it was a no-brainier. I am a single mother of six children and I always want to make sure that they are token care of without having to worry about where their next meal is coming from. I thank you and God for providing me with this back bone just in case the unthinkable were ever to happen."

— Melodie M., Milwaukee, IA
"It is comforting to know that something like SafetyNet is available"
"After hearing the ad on the radio, I believed SafetyNet could help because the future is unknown and it is comforting to know that something like SafetyNet is available in the event
something were to happen. SafetyNet gives me that peace of mind. "

— Travis S., Des Moines, IA
"For the cost of the policy and what it offers, to me, it’s a wise buy and a good value for my money."
"Though I have been in my current position for a number of years, in the economy today that’s no guarantee of what the future will hold. We see on the news daily companies closing locations, declaring bankruptcy or just closing completely. For the cost of about one dinner out a month SafetyNet offers additional peace of mind that if I find myself without a job I have that to fall back on to supplement what unemployment doesn’t cover while searching or to supplement if I would need to take a lesser job. Also, where I work I do not have a short term disability policy, SafetyNet fills in that gap as well. Hopefully I will never have to use it, but for the cost of the policy and what it offers, to me, it’s a wise buy and a good value for my money."

— Kimberly S., Plum City, WI
"SafetyNet is truly what it says - it's my safety net"
"Today's business world is changing at a pace often hard to keep up with. Although I'm trying to change with it, SafetyNet is that added layer of protection for the 'what-if' to know that there I have some income security if the worst happens - job loss or illness. SafetyNet is truly what it says - it's my safety net to get back on my feet if the unfortunate happens - job loss, illness or disability. It helps me sleep at night knowing that I have a plan B, even while chasing after my plan A."

— Jeremy W., Des Moines, IA
"SafetyNet will help me both protect my livelihood and my credit score"
“I chose SafetyNet to make sure that I will always have the ability to cover my student loans and other expenses in the event that I lose my job. Building good credit at a young age is something that is very important to me and SafetyNet will help me both protect my livelihood and my credit score in the event of a disability or lay off. I also made the purchase because it was simple, quick, and straightforward yet thorough enough to make me comfortable in my understanding of the coverage."

— Nick E., Milwaukee, WI
"Helps me sleep easier"
“SafetyNet brings me peace of mind. I know that I'll be able to cover the costs of bills and so forth if a sudden change were to occur in my employment. This helps me sleep easier and live a more stress-free life. It is important to have a backup plan and Safety Net provides exactly that."

— Jesse G., Baraboo, WI
"SafetyNet was there for me!"
“I was watching TV and saw an ad for SafetyNet. Instead using the mute button, I visited their website, and signed up. It sounded like a good idea. Little did I know that I would lose my job sometime thereafter. SafetyNet was there for me! They quickly processed my claim and I had the money in about a week, plus they were friendly and helpful. This money saved me from a difficult situation. SafetyNet is real and I encourage everybody to use their services.."

— Matthew N., Iowa City, IA
"The sign-up process was very simple"
“Past experiences with job loss have always put a strain on my family. I was very pleased to hear about SafetyNet and the insurance protection it provided. The sign up process was very simple and the cost was extremely affordable. I am glad that I don’t have to think about paying bills if my job was in jeopardy. I hope more people hear about and sign up for this product — insurance provides peace of mind.”

— Steven J., Milwaukee, WI
"Fully covered for just pennies a day"
"I have a peace of mind knowing that I am fully covered for just pennies per day if something should happen to me that I couldn't work or lost my job. Thanks SafetyNet team for giving me that peace.”

— Danielle V., Milwaukee, WI
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